Thursday, June 13

Space Approved Things

Are you looking for a telescope? Maybe something to go with your telescope. Or maybe your just fascinated with science and space like us. All proceeds from affiliates will go towards further expanding JustSpaceThings, as well as some donations being made towards groups such as The Planetary Society.


Celestron cpc 1100

Celestron CPC 1100 Telescope

Featuring a 12" mirror which will give you amazing views of the night sky, this is our go-to telescope. It's also got Celestron NexStar technology, allowing you to align with GPS to quickly find objets.

Orion Skyline 8" Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

Orion Skyline 8" Dobsonian

If you are looking for something that wont break the bank, this telescope might be a great fit for you. Just note that it's still a bit heavy, as most of the higher end telescopes are.


NASA Space Sign

Anyone who likes space might like this metal NASA sign. It llooks great in your home, and comes in different size options!