Saturday, May 25

NASA Is The “Best Place To Work in Government” Once Again

On Thursday, NASA was named the “2023 Best Place To Work in the Federal Government” for the 12th year in a row.

“Once again, NASA has shown that with the world’s finest workforce, we can reach the stars. Through space exploration, advances in aviation, groundbreaking science, new technologies, and more, the team of wizards at NASA do what is hard to achieve what is great. That’s the pioneer spirit that makes NASA the best place to work in the federal government. With this ingenuity and passion, we will continue to innovate for the benefit of all and inspire the world.”

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson

In 2023, NASA explored new frontiers, including shattering a record for longest astronaut spaceflight. They also announced the Artemis II crew, launched the Deep Space Optical Communications experiment, along with a lot more.

2023 was also the 26th anniversary of the agency. Alongside that, other accomplishments include launching the U.S Greenhouse Gas Center and Earth Information Center, as well as using data from NASA’s TEMPO to help understand air quality.