Friday, May 24

Sun releases it’s strongest solar flare in its current solar cycle

The sun seems to be doing some crazy things. After giving us the treat of the Aurora Borealis this past weekend, it has also released it’s strongest solar flare in it’s current solar cycle.

Every solar flare has an intensity rating, and NASA is giving this one an X8.7. This is the strongest solar flare so far, and It came from the same area that triggered our latest geomagnetic storm.

If you aren’t aware of what a solar cycle is, it’s a 11-year magnetic period that happens on the sun. The magnetic field completely flips, changing both the north and south poles. Because of this, solar activity changes.

We are currently in the solar maximum, where the sun has the most sunspots. This means we could see even more intense solar flares as it’s cycle ends.

Just remember, Aurora Borealis doesn’t start in your kitchen, Seymour. That’s a house fire.

Image Source: NASA/SDO