Saturday, May 25

NASA Wants to Build a Railway System on the Moon

We never thought we would see a railway system on the moon, but it looks like NASA is planning on doing just that.

“We want to build the first lunar railway system, which will provide reliable, autonomous, and efficient payload transport on the Moon,”

Ethan Schaler, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA is calling it “FLOAT”, or “Flexible Levitation on a Track”. The railway system will allow payloads to be transported between outposts and other areas on the moon.

The entire system will operate autonomously, which means little human interaction is required. The proposed railway could possibly carry 110 tons in weight, using magnetically polarized robots.

As of now, this is only an Idea. This may happen someday, but only time will tell.

Image Credit: NASA / Ethan Schaler