Saturday, May 25

NASA Welcomes Switzerland to the Artemis Accords

On Monday, NASA has welcomed Switzerland the Artemis Accords. The Accords were established by NASA in 2020, which state what countries can and cannot do in space.

The Accords were signed at 11:30 am, on behalf of Guy Parmelin. He is the Swiss Federal Councilor and Minister for Economic Affairs. Other participants included:

  • Valda Vikmanis-Keller, the acting deputy assistant secretary for the Department of State
  • Martina Hirayama, state secretary and the Head of State Secretariat for Education, Research, and Innovation
  • Jacques Pitteloud, the Swiss Ambassador to the U.S.A
  • Eurpoean Space Agency astronaut Marco Sieber
  • Renato Krpoun, Head of Swiss Space Office
  • Professor Peter Wurz, Director Space and Planetary Sciences, from University of Bern

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said “This marks a giant leap forward in the partnership between the USA and Switzerland. As we welcome you to the Artemis Accords family, we expand our commitment to explore the unknown openly and peacefully”.

Image Source: NASA/Keegan Bar