Tuesday, April 16

Our Guide On How To See the April Total Solar Eclipse

April is getting even closer, which means the total solar eclipse is right around the corner. For those who don’t know abut a total solar eclipse, we have a guide for you.

The eclipse will happen on April 8. It will be visible from Mexico, Canada, and the United States. If you don’t know what this event is, it happens when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth completely blocking out the sun. During this event, the sky will darken.

However, you can’t just go out and watch one of these events with your bare eyes. You will need to wear specialized solar eclipse glasses. Most stores are carrying these, and you can find them on Amazon as well.

If you wish to take photos, you will want to get a filter. If you are using a smartphone, you can get smartphone filters. For those with DSLR cameras, you can also find filters for those as well.