Saturday, February 24

Peregrine One Mission Lander Mission Experiences A Failure

On Monday, NASA tried to send the Peregrine Mission One Lander to the moon. After leaving Earth, the mission experienced some issues. According to NASA, there was a failure within the propulsion system that caused a critical loss of propellant.

The idea behind this mission was to send five payloads to the moon, aboard Astrobiotic’s Peregrine Lander. The payloads will aim to locate water molecules on the moon, measure radiation and gasses, and evaluate the lunar exosphere.

Because of this failure, NASA will be abandoning the Peregrine One. It will become space debris. However, a second lander is scheduled to launch in February.

Another moon mission, Artemis II, plans to send astronauts to the moon in 2026.

Image Source: Astrobotic