Tuesday, June 18

China’s Gravity-1 Rocket Finally Launches Into Space

China’s Gravity-1 space vehicle finally launched into space. At 12:30 AM EST, the rocket lifted off a stationed ship in the Yellow Sea.

When Gravity-1 reached space, it deployed it’s payloads. These were three Yunyao-1 commercial satellites. According to Orienspace, the mission was a success.

The rocket can carry a lot of weight, about 13,300 pounds to be exact. While that seems like a lot, the company isn’t done yet. They are working on developing Gravity-2, which will feature a liquid-fueled core stage and rocket boosters. According to OrienSpace, that will launch sometime in 2025.

This marks the fourth mission for China in 2024. Interested when more launches happen? View our space calendar.

Image Source: Xinhua