Saturday, February 24

Astronomers Find Exoplanet HD 63433 D With Lava Hemisphere

Astronomers have found another planet, which they are calling HD 63433 D. The planet is tidally locked, meaning there is a dayside which always faces its star and a side in constant darkness.

This exoplanet is outside our solar system, and orbits around the star called HD 63433 (TOI 1726) in the HD 63433 system. Astronomers believe the exoplanet is younger than 500 million years old, which makes it the closets discovered earth-sized planet this young.

The Astronomers analyzed this system using data from NASA’s TESS Satellite, which spots planets when they cross in front of the star they orbit. The planet very close to the size of the Earth, with a diameter of 1.1 times the size of us. It’s also orbiting a star that’s similar to the size of our Sun. HD 63433 D orbits it’s star much closer though, giving it a 4.2 day long year and extremely high temperatures.

Temperatures on the planet can reach 2,294 degrees Fahrenheit (1,257 Celsius). Because of this, they also believe the planet lacks a substantial atmosphere.

Image Source: NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle