Tuesday, June 18

NASA’s X-59 Supersonic Aircraft Will Be Revealed This Friday

NASA’s X-59 Supersonic Aircraft will be revealed this Friday, January 12 at 4PM. The reveal will happen with both NASA and prime contractor Lockheed Martin, on NASA TV.

The event will be broadcasted from the Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works facility, in Palmdale, California – where the aircraft was made.

“This is the big reveal. The rollout is a huge milestone toward achieving the overarching goal of the Quesst mission to quiet the sonic boom.”

Catherine Bahm, Manager of NASA’s Low Boom Flight Demonstrator

The X-59 Supersonic Aircraft will take part in the Quesst mission, where it will demonstrate is quiet supersonic abilities. NASA will fly the aircraft over some USA communities, and will survey what people heard on the ground. The agency will then share data with regulators, who currently ban commercial supersonic flight due to noise concerns. NASA hopes the aircraft is as quiet as possible, so they can use it in future missions.