Friday, June 14

Artemis III Moon Landing Has Been Delayed Until 2026

In 1969, people landed on the moon for the first time. NASA wants to go back, but it looks like it might be longer. The Artemis III mission has been postponed to September 2026.

Originally, NASA planned on sending people top the moon in September 2025. However, the space agency pushed the flight to 2026 to give the team more time.

“We are returning to the Moon in a way we never have before, and the safety of our astronauts is NASA’s top priority as we prepare for future Artemis missions. We’ve learned a lot since Artemis I, and the success of these early missions relies on our commercial and international partnerships to further our reach and understanding of humanity’s place in our solar system.”

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson

This mission is named Artemis III, which is planned to land the first astronauts near the lunar south pole. When the mission takes place, the astronauts will ride to the moon on NASA’s Orion spacecraft. However, it’s important to note that multiple companies are apart of this mission. NASA is relying on SpaceX t o provide the human landing system, which will transport the astronauts to the surface of the moon.