Sunday, June 16

Here’s Some Mars Facts You Might Know

When you think of planets, Mars is the first one many people think about. It’s got a lot of great things about it, including the fact that NASA has a working helicopter on the planet. If you are looking to learn more about the planet, here are some Mars facts you might not know.

The Perseverance Rover is Mapping the Planet

First landing on the planet in February 2021, the rover is studying the geology of the planet. It’s also looking for signs of ancient life, as well as sending data back to NASA.


Mars has two small moons: Phobos and Deimos. Phobos was named after the horses that pulled the chariot of the Greek war god Areas, and Deimos was named after a Roman war god. Bot planets were discovered in 1877 by Asaph Hall.


Here’s another one of our Mars Facts: The atmosphere is made of carbon dioxide, as well as other gases such as argon and nitrogen. The atmosphere is also very thin.

Mars Is Cold

Compared to Earth, Mars is cold. Temperatures can reach as low as -200 degrees Fahrenheit. Occasionally, higher temperatures can reach around 70 Degrees Fahrenheit.


There’s no shortage of missions involving mars. While we already talked about the Perseverance Rover, but NASA also has a Curiosity Rover on Mars that collects rock samples.