Monday, February 26

Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser Will Take Flight in 2024

Sierra Space, a private space company in Louisville, Colorado will send the Dream Chaser into space sometime in 2024.

The Dream Chaser is a winged vehicle that will be launched on a rocket. It will also be used to transport cargo and crew to the International Space Station. It will also operate like an airplane, allowing it to land on runways.

The space plane has also been selected by NASA to provide cargo to the ISS, under the Commercial Resupply Services 2 contract. It has several unique features and capabilities, such as ceramic tiles to protect it from extreme heat. It also has an environmental control system, that provides life support and thermal management for crew and cargo. The Dream Chaser also has a docking system, which can be used to dock to the ISS and other spacecraft.

The Dream Chaser can also carry seven passengers. This will allow it to do future missions such as exploration, and possibility tourism. It will also work a a research vehicle, and servicing missions. It’s capable of deploying and retrieving satellites, as well as landing on the Moon and Mars.

It seems like this will be the ultimate space plane. It will hopefully allow us to learn more about our universe, and possibly finally allow regular folks to finally visit space someday.

Image Source: Sierra Space