Tuesday, June 18

NASA Is Working To Reduce Contrail Formations

If you look up at the sky at any point, you might notice a plane. Planes tend to emit contrails, which are certainly bad for the environment. To help combat this, NASA has partnered with multiple aviation companies. They will work together to find out if latest advances in engines and fuels can reduce atmospheric warming from condensation trails.

The partners include companies such as General Electric Aerospace, FAA, German Aerospace Center, United Airlines, and World Energy. In October, NASA’s DC-8 aircraft flew behind a Boeing ecoDemonstrator Explorer, to capture and measure emissions in Contrail Formations. Scientists used the DC-8 to collect data that will compare the emissions from sustainable aviation fuel, to the emissions from regular jet fuel. NASA will release the data from this study to the public in about a year.

For 5 decades, NASA’s DC-8 has proved to be a ideal platform for experts and scientists. It’s also the largest flying science laboratory in the world. Hopefully this research will help NASA reduce contrail formations, and make a difference in climate change.

In other news, NASA has recently shared a new photo of Cassiopeia A which was taken with the James Webb Telescope.

Image Source: NASA / Jim Ross