Saturday, May 25

SpaceX 90th Orbital Mission Will Launch 23 Starlink Sattelites

Tonight, the SpaceX 90th orbital mission will launch 23 starlink sattlites into low earth orbit, thanks to a Falcon 9 rocket.

Onboard this Falcon 9, 23 starlink satellites are scheduled to link off from Cape Canaveral at 11:01 PM EST. This will mark the SpaceX 90th orbital mission of 2023. If for some reason the weather doesn’t cooperate or something happens, SpaceX has backup opportunities until 2:659 AM EST on Thursday, December 7th.

As always, you can watch the launch live on SpaceX’s account on Twitter. Coverage will begin about five minutes before the launch.

If everything works correctly, the rocket’s first stage will come back to earth about 8 minutes after launch. It will touch down on the SpaceX droneship which is stationed off the Florida Coast. In addition to this, the 23 satellites will deploy from the Falcon 9 into low earth orbit 65 minutes after liftoff.

At the moment, SpaceX has about 4,543 operational starlink sattelites in low earth orbit, providing internet to people on Earth.