Saturday, February 24

NASA’s Open Science 101 Course Will Empower Everyone

NASA has released its free Open Science 101 course today, which will help empower researchers, early career scientists, and underrepresented communities.

The goal of the curriculum is to train 20,000 people over the next five years. By doing this, they enable them to embrace science practices.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said “NASA is committed to ensuring people have equal and open access to science data whenever they need it. This innovative curriculum will support the White House’s Year of Open Science to help people make informed, research-based decisions that will benefit humanity and improve life here on Earth.”

The curriculum is designed to to meet researchers at every stage of their journey. It will cater to established researchers, and aspiring students, and people new to science. It will also prepare researchers on how to apply for NASA grant funding.

In its initial form, the Open Science 101 presents an intro to the world of open science. It also sets the stage for its evolution. It introduces learners to definitions, tools, resources, and best practices.