Monday, June 17

NASA’s Katie Konans Named in Forbes 30 Under 30

Katie Konans, NASA’s Audio specialist from the Goddard Space Flight Center at Greenbelt, Maryland was named to Forbes’ Under 30 class of 2024. Alongside that, Clare Luckey was also honored. She is a systems engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Forbes’ under 30 list includes a wide selection of young and creative people that the magazine’s experts consider revolutionaries. These people are well known, and they change the course of society. Before making this list, Forbes evaluated more than 20,000 nominees to decide on 600 business and industry figures, with 30 selected in each of the 20 industries.

According to NASA, Katie Konans has revolutionized NASA’s digital strategy through her work in audio communication. Her work has expanded the companies reach in the digital audio space, resulting in millions of downloads worldwide.

It’s good to note that she manages five active podcasts at NASA, which include “NASA’s Curious Universe“, launched back in 2020. Since she took the role, she’s grown the audience to more than 8 million plays on Apple Podasts alone. She’s also received the NASA Early Career Achievement Medal, a Webby Award, and the Robert H. Goddard Award.

Image Source: NASA/Rob Andreoli