Sunday, February 25

Greenhouse Gas Center Will Share Climate Data

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has announced the Greenhouse Gas Center, which will help protect our climate.

Announced during a meeting on November 28th, the mission of this company will be to “accelerate the collaborative use of earth science data”. It will also serve as a hub for collaboration between agencies across the U.S. government as well as non-profits and private sectors. They want to track greenhouse gas emissions, and possibly, start changing our climate for the better.

Datasets will be open source, which will include algorithms and supporting code. This will allow anyone to test data and results.

While NASA will lead the center, other companies have also partnered. This includes the EPA, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NASA states the center is part of a broader administration effort to enhance the greenhouse gas information. This was a recently released document called ” National Strategy to Advance an Integrated U.S. Greenhouse Gas Measurement, Monitoring, and Information System“.

Hopefully these measures will help protect our future.