Saturday, February 24

Pioneer Aerospace Purchased By SpaceX for $2.2 Million

SpaceX has recently acquired Pioneer Aerospace, a space parachute manufacturer, for $2.2 million.

The rocket company owned by Musk made this purchase following the bankruptcy of Pioneer Aerospace’s parent company in Florida. This marks SpaceX’s first publicly disclosed acquisition since 2021 when it acquired Swarm, a small satellite company, for $524 million.

Pioneer Aerospace has played a pivotal role as a supplier of drogue parachutes for various SpaceX and NASA missions. These missions encompass multiple crewed flights and cargo deliveries to the International Space Station (ISS), as well as the “Osiris Rex” mission.

The drogue chutes manufactured by Pioneer Aerospace are highly advanced components tailored for high-velocity scenarios. Specifically designed for SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft, these chutes deploy after the capsule reenters the atmosphere, stabilizing the spacecraft and reducing its speed.

NASA states that the two drogue chutes activate when the Dragon reaches an altitude of 18,000 feet while traveling at 350 miles per hour.

Image Source: SpaceX Flickr Library