Monday, February 26

NASA’s Public UFO Meeting Tells Us More About The Encounters

With all the UFO incidents over the years, it looks like NASA has investigated over 800 different reports. This information was recently released to the public, thanks to NASA’s team which investigates these sightings.

Out of all these 800 different reports, it looks like only a small number of them are truly explained, which means there is something out there we can’t yet understand.

In a meeting, Sean Kirkopatrick, director of NASA’s Anomaly Resolution Office, said “We have 50 to 100-ish new UFO reports each month”. The number of these sightings which are unexplained are between 2 and 5%, which is astonishing to think about.

The agency also wanted to people that privacy is a big issue, which is why some anomalies are not researched. Since some of the encounters can be on private property, NASA can’t just go in and investigate them.

Are these Aliens? The truth is, we will never know. However, considering how large the universe is, the possibility of alien encounters on Earth is probably very rare.

Image Source: Rodrigo Arrosquipa , Pexels