Sunday, June 16

Best Space Books To Get To Learn More About The Universe

Space is a pretty big place. We got planets much bigger than our own, and some that are made of just gas. However, that’s just a small fraction of everything we know about space. When you want to learn more, check out these space books! All of them we have read ourselves.

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, by Niel Degrasse Tyson

This is one of the first Niel Tyson books I got my hands on, and It was good. While some sections I felt like where a bit too “mathematical” for me, there is still loads of interesting information about space.

The Uni-verse , by John Brockman

This book does a lot of exploring of our universe, in all sorts of topics. John talks about the origin of the universe, in addition to topics such as particle physics, and the shape of the universe.

The Pluto Files by Niel Degrasse Tyson

Poor pluto, it was once widely known as planet. You can say it has “risen and fallen as america’s favorite planet”, just like Niel does on the cover. This explores topics such as how pluto became a dwarf planet, as well as it’s discovery.

The Aliens Are Coming! by Ben Miller

Do you wonder what’s going on in the Universe? Why is it that we seem to be the only forms of life out there? This book explores how we are using technology to find life, as well as trying to understand what aliens might be.

Origins by Neil Degrasse Tyson and Donald Goldsmith

If you are really interested in how everything started, this is the book for you. Origins discusses topics such as life in the universe, antimatter, and basically the origins of everything we know about space.

Thanks for checking out our list of space books! If you have read any of these, tell us your thoughts in the comments.