Thursday, June 13

The Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower Peaks This Saturday

The Eta Aquarids meteor shower, which started on April 15th, will peak this Saturday.

What makes the Eta Aquarids special is the meteors are space debris from Halley’s Comet, which returns to earth about every 75 years. This meteor shower is best viewed from the Southern Hemisphere, or close to the equator. However, some people in northern areas can observe them as well. If you get a chance to look, you can expect somewhere around 50 meteors per hour. However if you live in the northern hemisphere, you can expect between 10-30 meteors per hour.

The best time to view seems to be around 2am., and meteors are expected to show all across the sky – not just in the Aquarius Constellation.

If you are interested in the return of Halley’s comet, we will have to wait awhile – it’s expected to return in 2061.