Monday, February 26

Scientists Discovered a Star Swallowing an Entire Planet

For the first time ever, Scientists have discovered a star swallowing an entire planet in just one meal.

On Wednesday, a team of astronomers from MIT, Harvard, and Caltech along with other institutions, reported these findings after discovering a planet around the size of Jupiter being swallowed by a star. What’s even scarier about this is that Scientists also believe this will happen someday to earth – However, it will happen in about 5 billion years. Thankfully we won’t be around to be eaten by a star.

The scientists claim the planet was spiraling close to a dying star 1,000 times its size, until it was finally ingested into the nearby star’s core.. The star also grew bigger and more than 1000 times brighter than usual in just 10 times. After that, it quickly faded and eventually went back to normal after digesting the planet.

Space can be a scary place sometimes.

Image Source: R Hurt/K Miller (Caltech, IPAC)