Saturday, June 15

Lockheed Martin Will Reorganize It’s Space Business

On May 4th, Lockheed Martin announced they are reorganizing several space businesses into three different sectors: Commercial civil space, national security space, and strategic and missile defense.

Starting with the Commercial Civil Space sector, they will focus on space exploration missions, space infrastructure, and scientific projects.

The National Security space will be led by vice president and general manager Maria Demaree, which will be a new area of business that includes classified and defense portfolios in support of the U.S. militart and special programs.

Finally, the strategic and missile defense will focus on strategic deterrence, missile defense, and hypersonic vehicle programs. This makes me wonder, are we working on a secret alien defense program?

For those who didn’t know, Lockheed Martin has done some amazing things with NASA. In 2006, NASA chose the company as a contractor to design and build the Orion Spacecraft. Ever since then, they have been doing even more with the company. According to their website, they also have over 1 million hours of planetary spacecraft operations.