Sunday, June 16

Some Things You May Not Know About Space

Look above you and you will find space – a place full of countless planets, stars, nebulae, and who knows what else? For all we know, there would be life on some of those planets. We have gathered a list of some things you may not know about space.

The Andromeda Galaxy and Milky Way will eventually collide.

The Milky Way is on a course for collision with the Andromeda Galaxy. When this happens, stars from both galaxies will fall into new orbits. While all this sounds fascinating, it wont happen for another 2.5 billion years or so.

Earth has it easy.

We should be thankful we are here on Earth – it is one of the more easier planets to live on. For example, the Great Red Spot storm on Jupiter has been going on for about 300 years, with winds reaching about 270 mph.

Saturn also has it rough – wind speeds here reach more than 1,000 mph and temperatures average around -285 Fahrenheit.

There is sound in space.

Since there is no air or atmosphere in space, it is considered a vacuum. Therefore, no sound travels. You are completely safe to fart, and nobody will hear it.

Time Is Different on Each Planet

Time works differently depending where you are in space. While a day on earth lasts about 24 hours, a day on Mercury lasts about 59 earth days. One day on Saturn also equates to about 10.7 earth hours, and a day on Pluto is about 6.4 earth days long.