Saturday, June 15

New NASA Animation Shows True Size of Black Holes

Somewhere out there in the stars are black holes – a monstrous points in space time where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape it. These things are scary, since they consume everything in their path. The closest one is known as Gaia BH1 – located 1,560 light year away from us.

A new video by NASA shows shows us the biggest ones we know of. The video starts of from our own sun, and pans out to show different black holes. In the video, NASA shows ten different supersized black holes. They range from a one in the center of the J1601+3113 galaxy, to the more widely known Sagittarius A.

Thankfully, none of these will come close to us anytime soon. Also, it’s cool to note the video also does an amazing job showing how big the universe is.