Sunday, February 25

Voyager 2 Mission Extended Thanks To Power Hack

In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager 2 space probe to help us study the cosmos. Since then, the Voyager 2 has traversed more than 12 million miles away from the earth. All of that travel has happened in only 45 years, which is astonishing to think about.

What’s even cooler is NASA is now expanding the Voyager 2 mission. Thanks to a adjustment in the instruments, NASA expects the space probe to stay active until at 2026.

This adjustment came after the team looked at a safety mechanism, which protects instruments if voltage changes too much. In case this happens, the Voyager is equipped with a voltage regulator which triggers a backup when this happens. In short, the spacecraft will start using that power to extend it’s mission. Interested in seeing where the spacecraft is? Checkout this page.

Image Source: NASA Gallery