Saturday, June 15

NASA And It’s Partners Extend Space Station Operations

For what seems like forever, humans have been going to the International Space Station. Launched back in 1998, the ISS is our only space station in orbit. We share it with four other countries at the moment: Russia, Japan, Canada, and Europe. For the last 22 years, we have been using the ISS as our window to space.

It looks like we will continue to go to the ISS – NASA and it’s partners have agreed to extend operations aboard the station.

“The International Space Station is an incredible partnership with a common goal to advance science and exploration,” said Robyn Gatens, director of the International Space Station Division at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Extending our time aboard this amazing platform allows us to reap the benefits of more than two decades of experiments and technology demonstrations, as well as continue to materialize even greater discovery to come.”

NASA, April 2023

The International Space Station is very important to all of us – Flying about 240 miles above our surface, the ISS it serves as a home to astronauts. Thanks to NASA extending operations, we will see it being used through 2028, and most likely even longer than that. After all, space is important.

Image Credit: Roscosmos/NASA